GPS Orienteering

An interactive, adrenaline-fuelled activity and a great way to discover the Madrid countryside.
It enhances your mental strength and ability to work under time pressure.

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Working together in the great outdoors.

This new activity is based on GPS Geolocation and competing teams will have to locate all the points that appear on the tablets provided by us. At each point there will be a question, riddle, mathematical calculation or physical test that must be completed. Tasks can also be customized for each client on request.

The teams will have a maximum period of time to perform all the tests and extra hazard, such as zombies that chase the participants, can be added to the game to create an extra problem.
We can also make the teams interact with each other, necessarily having to collaborate in order to carry out some of the tasks.

At the end of the activity the participants will receive a report, in which we can see which team followed the most efficient route, how many challenges they have achieved and how long they have taken.
In this activity, we integrate the vision, the fundamental values of corporate culture and the informative aspects of an organization. However, we certainly do not forget that one of the main objectives is to complete all the tasks in a fun and enjoyable way.

What they say

Todos quedaron encantados con la actividad y lo pasamos muy bien. Muchas gracias por la gestion y organización. :)

Adrià Vernatta, Nestle, November 2019.

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