Graffiti Workshop

A exciting teambuilding activity looking at Madrid’s urban street art scene and take part in looking at incorporating company branding in creative Graffiti workshops

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Street Art Creativity!

Bring out the artists in yourselves with this unique opportunity to become part of the dynamic public art scene present in Madrid.
The contemporary art of graffiti is seen as being intertwined with the modern development of hip-hop music and culture. Graffiti is seen as one of the most expressive and diverse forms of art, and is often seen in public places depicting certain messages or conveying different sentiments.

Led by an experienced professional, your group will have the opportunity to create your very own mural, large graffiti paining or even have the unique opportunity to take part in a graffiti rally around the city of Madrid. Using spray cans, markers and paint, members will be shown the tips and tricks of this specialised form of expression, and by the end of the day will have learnt new art skills. Participants will be encouraged to demonstrate their individuality through being as creative as possible during the challenge. However, it will be possible to include the slogan or corporate logo of your company in the art created, if requested.

All spray paints and protective equipment will be provided by Madrid Adventure, and in keeping with the creative element of the day a DJ will be provided to give a musical backdrop to proceedings.

If a more generic and diverse graffiti challenge is desired, then the street art rally is recommended. During which the creative painting element will be combined with a graffiti photography and skateboarding challenge around the vibrant city of Madrid.

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