Paella Challenge

In this challenge teams will work together to recreate some of Spain’s most famous and delicious dishes.

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Cooking as a team is great fun.

In this team based activity our expert chefs will guide your group on the way to recreating and mastering some of the most famous Spanish dishes in a 3 course meal for lunch/dinner.

Teamwork and linguistic skills will be key in this relaxing and enjoyable forage into the secrets of producing quality Spanish cuisine, with the air of friendly competition adding a little spice to the occasion.

The challenge begins with each team having the opportunity to do a little shopping in order to purchase the best ingredients at the various markets, stalls and shops around Madrid. This will allow teams to buy the highest quality ingredients to begin their cooking challenge and complete their meals in a casual and pleasant atmosphere. However, the shopping segment of this challenge is not mandatory and should time be an issue the we can commence directly to the cooking.

The challenge will then continue with the cooking section, where teams are welcomed into a unique private kitchen right in the centre of vibrant Madrid. Each team will then be given ingredients and a time limit within which to complete their 3 course meals, including a paella or other chosen dish.

Instructions on how to produce the paella will normally be given in English, however, groups will be given the opportunity to make the event that little bit more challenging and exciting by receiving the instructions in Spanish as well as English.

In addition, there will be an opportunity for each group to have their dishes critiqued and judged by our expert chefs based on a specific set of pre-determined criteria. These will include presentation, the organisation of the group and taste, necessitating strong teamwork and communication skills by each group.

Once the challenge is complete the groups will have the chance to unwind and enjoy the courses they have produced with a glass of wine, in a casual and social atmosphere.

What they say

Our group thoroughly enjoyed themselves last night. Everything went according to plan – Helena was a good guide, the chefs were great and good fun and the prizes and bus were as requested. All in all we had a great time so very many thanks for all your help and if we need any help in the future, I will certainly get in touch.

Deborah Smith Amcor, November 2018

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