The Madrid Building Challenge

Try and recreate some of Madrid’s most iconic buildings by becoming, Architects, Designers and Builders for the day. This activity requires good communication, planning and teamwork in order to produce a great result

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The aim of this Team Building event is to do exactly that: Build as a team!

In recent times Architects such as César Pelli, Norman Foster, Richard Rogers and Herzog & de Meuron have managed to transform the city with their contemporary architecture, turning it into a city where the new buildings and the old, remodeled constructions have become the icons of the Spanish capital.
Inspired by this wealth of talent such innovation we have devised: The Madrid Architect and Builders Challenge in which the aim is to do exactly that: Build as a team! You will receive a short introductory talk from our local expert, who will show you a few examples of both traditional and modern Madrid archtecture and explain the principals and philosophies surrounding them.
Each team will then be set 3 challenge:
The Tower:
Using only basic accessories such as cardboard, tubing, wooden sticks and 1 block of plasticine, the particiipants will try and recreate Phillip Johnson and John Burgee’s famous twin towers, located in plaza Castilla.
The Bridge:
Using among other things cocktail sticks, cardboard tubing and marshmallows, who can best recreate Dominique Perrault’s famous pedrestrian bridge over the river Manzanares?
The Strongest Team:
Using a combination of the previous materials, who can make the strongest bridge which spans a distance of at least 1 metre?
Your tutor/s will be on hand throughout the day to assist you with different technical ideas and ultimately push your structures to their limit! We are also very careful to re-cycle all the materials used during the activity.

What they say

It was nice working with you too and all the participants had a blast!

Léa Laurent, October 2019 Bayer.

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