Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording is the translation of conversations into images and text on large sheets of paper during meetings and events.

What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is a visual summary of your meeting, seminar or event and is just one of the extra services that we offer our clients. We supply you with Graphic Recorders who will recap the important moments in the form of buzz words, images and symbols.

All we require is a space where they can work. The Artists, the paper and the coloured pens and pencils are provided by us.

Why is Graphic Recording ideal for your Company Event?

Graphic Recording is essentially a visual record of events and is a faithful record of what occurred during a meeting.

The final picture created by the recorders also services a summary of a meeting or brainstorming session and the main points can be summarised as a conclusion to the seminar.

Graphic Recording for Teambuilding?

Each person will be given a sheet of A3 paper and they will have 10 minutes to depict their relationship with the company in the form of a drawing. It could be part self portrait, a series of images, a cartoon, a flow chart or even something more abstract. Once the 10 minutes have passed the drawing will be hung on the wall for all the group to see.

For the next stage the participants will be paired off to explain their drawings to each other and the reasoning behind them. Working together, the pairs will expand the original drawings, adding images, words or whatever they feel is relevant.

In the third stage, everyone will work in one group. Each participant will be asked to post positive words and/or ideas of the previous meetings onto a large Graffiti wall. They will personalize the wall depending on their feelings and can of course add to their colleagues thoughts and perceptions.

At the end of the allotted time, the Graffwall wall be interpreted and analysed. There will be the opportunity to give feedback and contemplate the ideas represented in the paintings

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