Medieval Games

This is a trip back in time to the age of Cervantes and the Catholic Kings to take part in soft combat games with impressive asthetics and costumes.

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In this activity you will learn how to use long, short swords, bows, axes, shields, daggers, spears and other medieval weapons. You will be also be given basic fencing training.

At the beginning you will be instructed in the use of weapons and the best way in win duels. This training is based on the principles of soft combat and once this instruction is acquired, teams will go on to basic combat training and then medieval duels.

You will be able to change weapons during the activity and discover which weapon is the best one for you. In strategic games you will learn how to defend a position, which strategy you need to follow and what type of training is most appropriate for the chosen mission.

Each group will take part in missions such as stealing the treasure from the castle, overthrowing the King and delivering a secret message to the Ambassador.

This activity takes place in a rural location to the north of Madrid and is ideal for a company looking for some adrenaline based activities that take their clients out of their comfort zone.

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