Graffiti Workshop

This creative team building activity in Madrid brings your group together to paint some stunning graffiti with the help of expert graffiti artists.

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Get your team bonding over this adventure into artistic expression and see the stunning masterpiece they can come up with!

Are you looking for a creative team building activity featuring painting a large canvas?

You’ll be surprised that graffiti is a perfect exercise in team building. It’s a form of artistic expression that doesn’t require sophisticated techniques to be able to produce great work – so your team will be immensely proud.


In under three hours you'll watch your team members reveal artistic talents that sometimes not even they were aware of!


In a private and fully equipped venue your team members will be tasked with creating a giant canvas using spray paint. Don’t worry if you’re not all experienced artists. You will have a local graffiti artist on hand to help bring their ideas to life!

Each person will then be called upon to brainstorm ideas, practice their designs and then execute the collective vision on a designated huge canvas. Everyone will take part. And you’ll all feel proud of your innovations.

Our corporate clients love the fact that there’s no set agenda for the canvas itself. We’ve helped business reimagine their core values as a mural complete with their logo, branded colours and all the details that make their company a great place to be. 

Madrid Adventure will take care of all the logistical details. We provide the art supplies, the location and local graffiti artists.


We fully customise all our team building activities in Madrid to suit your requirements, location and timings.

Whether you’re looking to organise a one-off celebration for your team or fit this creative team building activity into a pre-existing corporate event schedule, we will help you design the Graffiti Workshop with great success.

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