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Top 15 Best Madrid Team Building Activities in 2024

We've listed our 15 best team building activities in Madrid in order of popularity – including mural painting, treasure hunts, escape rooms, tapas tours and more!

Looking for team building activities in Madrid?

You'll find all you need on this page.

Our team building events in Madrid are trusted by companies like Amazon, Coca Cola, Philips, Bayer, Nike, Volvo, Google, Microsoft, IKEA and more. We tailor-make every request. And this makes us the top choice for smaller corporate groups and startups too.

Read on to see our top 15 most popular Madrid team building activities to help you find the perfect choice!

Read on for team building activities that take place in the heart of Madrid!

Why is Madrid Perfect for Team Building Activities?

At 657m above sea level, Madrid is the highest-altitude capital city in the European Union by some distance.

But its above other cities in many other ways too.

Madrid is the economic powerhouse of Spain and recently ranked as 8th in the world in terms of presence of multinational companies.

Many financial multinationals arrived after relocating from London after Brexit such as American Express, JP Morgan, Citigroup and Credit Suisse.

But in Madrid you'll also find bases for multinationals like Accenture, Aegon, Indra, PwC, IBM, Amadeus, Oracle. Deloitte, Mercedes Benz, KPMG, EY, Hewlett-Packard, Ericsson and Vodafone. Add to this Spain's largest three businesses in terms of revenue (Telefónica, El Corte Inglés and Repsol) and you can see why Madrid is by a long way the business capital of Spain.

The majority of our clients are based in Madrid and regularly request team building activities to recharge their batteries, introduce new team members or celebrate a recent milestone.

But what if you're considering Madrid as the destination for your corporate seminar, meeting or summit?

Is it a good choice?


Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Barcelona to host your next corporate event:

  1. Madrid Airport
    Your corporate group or clients will have no trouble arriving in Madrid. The Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport is the second-largest in Europe in terms of size, and serves more than 250 routes around the world. It's also only 20km from the Puerta del Sol square – Spain's 'kilometre 0'.

  2. Good Infrastructure
    Madrid is the 2nd most visited city in Spain with 294km of metro lines and a radial system of road connections. Madrid is also the top city in Spain for overnight hotel stays so your corporate team members will have no trouble finding a place to stay and getting to events on time.

  3. Top Venues
    Madrid has recently been named as the best MICE (meeting, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) destination in Europe for the second year running. It was also recognised as the 'best meeting destination' at the World Travel Awards for its top venues and rich culture.

  4. History, Art and Architecture
    Madrid's Museo Reina Sofía and the Museo del Prado are the top two most-visited sites in the city, where you can see the works of Goya, Velázquez, Picasso and more Spanish masters. Architectural highlights include the Royal Palace – Europe's largest royal residence – and the neo-baroque Edificio Metrópolis which is the starting point of the world-famous shopping street Gran Vía. The Spanish capital is renowned for its elegant boulevards and manicured parks and your corporate team will be elevated by Madrid's bold and beautiful architecture.

  5. Gastronomy
    Madrid is a multicultural melting pot and this makes it the best place in Spain to sample the country's cuisine. From Valencian paella to Galician octopus to Basque pintxos and South American traditions, you can find it all in Madrid.

The neo-classical Prado museum is Spain's most important art museum – it houses 'Las Meninas' by Diego Velázquez, 'The Third of May 1808' by Fransisco de Goya and 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' by Hieronymous Bosch.

Why Choose Madrid Adventure as Your Team Building Corporate Event Organiser?

Picture this: you’re looking out over smiles, laughter and genuine bonds created within a few hours of a successful team building event in Madrid.

It might seem impossible right now. You might be securing last-minute tickets for international members of your corporate team. You might still need to convince the boss of the best team building activity in Madrid to celebrate a recent achievement, acknowledge a milestone or add some adrenaline to an annual meeting.

But with Madrid Adventure's help...

You'll sleep easy the nights leading up to the big day!

Corporate clients love our experience in the sector and our impeccable attention-to-detail. As a DMC, we can also step in and arrange all the transport links and accommodation your corporate clients require.

Oh, and don't forget!

Madrid Adventure can tailor-make any of the team building activities below to suit your schedule, group size and requests. You can contact us at any moment to discuss a personalised package for you.

Madrid Adventure can organise team building activities for any corporate group size – including up to 160 people!

15 Best Team Building Activities in Madrid

Read on to see our top 15 most popular Madrid team building activities.

Each of these team building events in Madrid are custom-made by us. And they were all given 5 stars by representatives and team assistants from companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Zurich, Pfizer, Barclays, Meta, Glovo, Accor, HP, Siemens and more…

You’ll be sure to find the perfect team building idea in Madrid you’re looking for below.

This tapas team building activity in Madrid will go down a treat with members of your group who love good food and wine.

3 hrs.
Group size
8—60 pax.


Discovering all the best hidden tapas bars in Madrid.


Your corporate team will arrive at a location in Madrid where you'll be met by our food and wine expert.

On foot, you will visit the most iconic and historic tapas bars and wine bars in the capital. Along the way you will hear stories of Madrid's history and see major landmarks.

Our corporate event clients love the Wine and Tapas Tour for its great atmosphere. Sharing food and wine while building stronger bonds makes this our most popular team building activity in Madrid.


We can tailor the wine and tapas tour in Madrid to suit your preferred location, timings and any dietary needs.

You can also book further corporate events and team building activities to create a full day's bespoke package with Madrid Adventure.

Wine and Tapas Tour

This creative team building activity in Madrid brings your group together to paint a stunning mural with the help of expert graffiti artists.

2.5—3 hrs.
Group size
8—300 pax.


Marvelling at the stunning mural your team has just created – in only a few hours!


Your corporate team will arrive at a private and fully equipped venue in central Madrid. You'll be met by experienced graffiti artists who will brief you on techniques and the task at hand.

Everyone will then take part executing a collaborative mural on a giant canvas.

If you're looking for a painting-based or creative team building activity in Madrid that gets everyone pushing their comfort zone in the company of their colleagues...this is a perfect event for you.


Our corporate clients love that there's no fixed agenda for the mural itself. In the past, we've had client request the mural represent their company's logo, slogan or core values.

Graffiti Mural Workshop

This Masterchef style competition is perfect for companies seeking a cooking team building event in Madrid with authentic Mediterranean flavours.

3 hrs.
Group size
6—160 pax.
Paella made from team building activity  in Madrid.


The highlight of the Paella Challenge is undoubtedly the Masterchef-style culinary showdown at the end.


Your corporate team will arrive at a private and fully equipped venue in Madrid. You will be split into groups and each be given ingredients, kitchen utensils and equipment needed to cook a traditional paella.

We will supply expert chefs who will brief you on the challenge as well as the techniques and recipe you'll need to get going.

Once your time is up, each team will then present their paella to our expert chefs in a Masterchef-style format. You'll receive feedback and the winning team will be crowned 'Paella Champion'.

Of course, you can now all tuck in!


If necessary we can tailor the Paella Champion to suit your dietary requirements. We can prepare this challenge for a large number people of people too – even up to 160!

Please get in touch to discuss the booking arrangements and group size.

Paella Challenge

This treasure hunt team building activity in Madrid will help you explore the finest gastronomic experiences the Spanish capital has to offer.

2.5—3 hrs.
Group size
8—150 pax.


Discovering delicious dishes you've never tried before in the heart of Madrid.


Your corporate group will gather at a picturesque location in Madrid's city centre. You will be divided into team and provided with a roadbook, a list of clues and a briefing on the treasure hunt.

Each team will have to navigate through bustling city streets, follow clues and solve challenges in turn. Each clue leads to a new culinary treasure – a tapas bar, a barkey, a café or a traditional market.

Challenges are resolved only when you find a specific item or dish and collect a stamp from our facilitators stationed along the route.

This Madrid team building activity is popular because it combines sight-seeing with a gastronomic adventure. We also arrange a prize-giving ceremony at the end where the winning team is crowed the 'Gourmet Explorers of Madrid'.


We can adapt the Gastronomy Treasure Hunt to suit your preferred location, route and timings.

You can also view our popular Gourmet Casino team building activity where we combine games with food and wine tasting.

Gastronomy Treasure Hunt

This escape room style teambuilding activity will transport your corporate team into the thrilling world of the #1 hit Netflix series Money Heist.

2.5—3 hrs.
Group size
8—100 pax.


Taking part in 5 thrilling challenges where your corporate team is tested on their skills in counterfeiting, code-breaking and escaping the National Police!


Your corporate team will get a mysterious invitation from one of the assistants of El Profesor – the character from the hit Netflix series Money Heist.

You will gather at a location in Madrid and find facilitators waiting to give you a briefing and safety instructions. You'll be divided into groups and each be given an iPad which you'll need to geo-locate challenges, solve clues and orchestrate a simulated heist.

Each team will need to avoid the clutches of facilitators who, dressed as the National Police, are on your tail.

Eventually you will see which teams have what it takes to join El Profesor's crack team of criminals – or not!


We can tailor this Money Heist team building activity to suit your preferred timings and group size.

Money Heist

This team building treasure hunt activity in Madrid is a thrilling way to see the sights and discover the city’s hidden secrets.

2—3 hrs.
Group size
8—400 pax.
Treasure hunt team building in Madrid.


Discovering the most iconic sights in Madrid from the Royal Palace to the majestic streets of the city centre.


Your corporate group will gather at a landmark in Madrid and be divided into teams by our facilitators there waiting for you.

You'll get a briefing on the treasure hunt rules and safety guidelines. Each team will get a roadbook, a map and a camera and then set off on this fun adventure in Madrid.

Your team members will now have to solve time-sensitive challenges while navigating through Madrid's most famous monuments, buildings and places.

Finally, the winning team be given a prize!

This team building activity in Madrid is popular as it helps corporate groups get to know the capital in a short space of time. It's perfect if your group – or members of your group – are only here for a brief corporate events summit.


We can tailor the Madrid Treasure Hunt to fit your preferred location and timings. We have even designed the treasure hunt to take corporate groups to multiple historic cities near to Madrid such as Toledo.

Madrid Treasure Hunt

This photography team building activity in Madrid is a unique and engaging way to discover the Spanish capital.

Madrid photo rallye team building activity.


Taking home memorable photos of a fun-filled team building activity in Madrid.


Your corporate group will arrive at one of Madrid's most photographed monuments. You'll be divided into teams and each one given a digital camera.

After a short briefing, each team will have to follow visual clues. These consist of a photograph taken at an iconic location in Madrid's city centre. Each person will have to use their problem-solving skills, orientation skills and likely ask locals for help to find the exact spot where a photo was taken.

Then they will need to recreate the photo themselves.

At the end, the photos will be judged by one of our professional photographers and the winning team presented with a prize. Of course – the photographs are yours to keep!


The Madrid Photo Scavenger Hunt is a popular way to break-up a busy corporate event schedule or seminar. We can fit this team building activity into tight timings and make sure your team get to visit all the places they wanted to while in Madrid.

Madrid Photo Scavenger Hunt

The GPS treasure hunt is the perfect team building activity in Madrid to keep your corporate team motivated while in the capital.

2—3 hrs.
Group size
8—400 pax.


Corporate teams love our cutting-edge GPS technology and how it makes this team building activity completely unique.


Your corporate group will be split into teams and handed one of our iPads prepared with GPS tracking technology. After a briefing, each team will set off on this GPS Treasure Hunt.

The iPads will give GPS hints and each team will need to decipher clues and complete challenges against the clock.

But there's one more thing. The GPS technology lets each team see where their rivals are and it shows a running scoreboard in real-time. This gives an edge to the treasure hunt and is sure to bring out the competitiveness in each member of your corporate group.


The GPS Treasure Hunt can be adapted to suit the location of a pre-existing corporate events venue you may have booked.

We have also received requests to tailor the challenges to visit preferred locations or to show places linked with a company's history and values.

GPS Treasure Hunt

The Madrid Olympic Games event is designed to foster teamwork, communication, and friendly competition among corporate clients, making it a perfect choice for companies seeking to strengthen their bonds and improve their team's dynamics.


Holding your very own medals ceremony!


Your corporate team will arrive at a private outdoor venue. Each member will then warm up and get ready for a variety of engaging sporting events such as relay races, the sack race, volleyball, long jump, bubble football and relay tennis.

If you desire, we can also include more traditional team building activities like the spiders' web, tower building, giant jenga and the waterpipe.

Your team members will go head-to-head either as individuals or in teams depending on the events schedule.

Finally, there will be a prize ceremony where the best sportspeople or teams are crowned champions of the day!


The Madrid Olympic Games are highly customisable. We can discuss the sporting events themselves and pick activities that suit your team's interests and abilities.

The event can also be taken to many different locations across Madrid. It can come to your own corporate events venue or hotel grounds. Equally, we can find a suitable private location for you.

This sports-based team building activity in Madrid is highly popular for as it gives an opportunity to blow off steam in between business meetings or conference schedules.

See below for more sports-based team building activities available in Madrid:

Madrid Olympic Games

This escape room style teambuilding activity is ideal for companies seeking to recharge their team’s batteries against the backdrop Madrid's most iconic landmarks.

2—3 hrs.
Group size
8—400 pax.
Outdoor escape game being played in Madrid.


Enjoying all the thrill of an escape room set against the majestic landmarks of Madrid.


This team building activity in Madrid is similar to the GPS Treasure Hunt.

Except that, instead of being a treasure hunt, this event is fully customised around a specific game plan. You will have a tailor-made story line and need to use GPS clues on a custom-made iPad to solve puzzles and escape before the time has run out.


The GPS Outdoor Escape Game is popular because it can be tailor-made to the requests of a Team Assistant or in-house organiser.

In the past, we've designed the GPS Outdoor Escape Game to align with corporate goals or a corporate story, to develop certain skills or to incorporate landmarks such as the Royal Palace, the Plaza mayor and the Retiro Park.

Get in touch with us to discuss a customised escape game for you.

As an example, visit our Escape the Inquisition Outdoor Escape Game.

GPS Outdoor Escape Game

Madrid Mosaic Building is an unforgettable corporate team building experience that combines creativity, culture, and collaboration.


Taking a team photograph of the stunning mosaic you've all collaborated to create!


Your corporate group will arrive at a private and fully equipped venue.

You'll get a brief history lessons from one of our master artisans on the tradition of mosaics. You will then choose a mosaic to design and each participant will get the chance to choose tiles, use tools and assemble your own masterpiece.

This team building activity is a unique and creative event which is a favourite as everyone gets involved – and you don't need any artistic background to create some special!


The finished mosaic can be customised to your company's logo, theme, or any message you wish to convey.

Mosaic Building

The Madrid Flamenco Workshop is a unique journey of unity, passion, and rhythm. Located in the heart of this vibrant Spanish capital, our immersive team building activity promises an unforgettable experience for your team.


Together, your corporate team will perform a choreography to the backing of Spain's most passionate musical style: flamenco.


Your group will arrive at a private venue with professional flamenco dancers, musicians and teachers on hand.

Each participant will receive an introduction to the history and importance of this iconic musical style from the south of Spain. You will learn the footwork, arm movements and begin to grasp a basic choreography.

If dancing is a step too far, you can also learn the 'palmas' rhythmic clapping. This ensures everyone will join in.

At the end you will together perform the choreography you have learned and showcase your dance steps or clapping along with expert flamenco artists.


The Flamenco Workshop is popular because it can be brought to your corporate events venue or hotel. This makes it versatile and flexible to fit in between a busy schedule.

If you're interested to see another music-based team building activity in Madrid then view our Drum Workshop.

Flamenco workshop

The Real Madrid Experience does not just involve watching some of the greatest football players but also a personal tour of the legendary Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

Real Madrid players celebrating.


Watching 'Los Blancos' play at the legendary Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid.


Your corporate group will receive tickets to watch a Real Madrid match at home. For any football fan, the chance to see Bellingham or Vinicius or Thibaut Courtois play is a thrill like no other.

We can offer tickets for all Real Madrid's home games in various categories – subject to availability.

Depending on your group size we will aim to let you all sit together.

Spanish football league games usually take place on Saturday or Sunday evenings – so please bear this in mind if you wish to book a corporate event involving Real Madrid tickets with us.


As an additional service, we can also offer the Real Madrid VIP service, which includes premium tickets, champagne, wine, beer, cocktails and a buffet, in the exclusive Real Madrid VIP lounge.

We can also source you tickets to watch Atlético Madrid at home too.

Real Madrid tickets

The Mountain Biking Team Building Activity offers a dynamic and thrilling opportunity for corporate clients to bond, challenge themselves, and forge lasting connections against the backdrop of Madrid's stunning natural beauty.


An adrenaline-pumping excursion into Madrid's stunning, mountainous countryside.


Your corporate team will arrive at a mountain bike trial in the captivating scenery surrounding Madrid's highlands.

You will get an experienced mountain biking instructor to take you through lush forests, through rugged trails and up exhilarating climbs.

The mountain biking activity is tailored to accommodate all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned riders. This makes it a great team building activity in Madrid as colleagues support one enough through the physical endurance and obstacles in your path.

Madrid Adventure ensures the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility. We provide top-quality mountain bikes, safety equipment, and expert guidance to make this outing a memorable, enjoyable, and secure experience for all participants.


Depending on skills levels and availability we can select the best terrain for your corporate group. Please do contact us in advance to arrange all the bikes and gear.

If you're interested in more thrilling team building activities in Madrid see below:

Mountain Biking

The Filming Commercials activity combines creativity, collaboration, and excitement to strengthen bonds within your team while exploring the dynamic world of commercial production.


Showing colleagues the creative commercials each team came up with it!


Your corporate group will arrive at a central Madrid location for a briefing with our professional cameramen.

You'll be divided into teams, each with your own professional instructor, and each brainstorm different ways to create a captivating commercial. You will each get different roles such as the marketing expert, screenwriter or actor.

Once you're ready, you will then scout different neighbourhoods and iconic locations in Madrid to shoot your commercial. The professional cameraman will help you with the necessary equipment and lighting and footage.

Finally, you will all return to your venue or hotel where our guides will produce your clips into a commercial. Together you'll watch each team's creation back.


This team building activity in Madrid is fully customisable. For example, you can request us to invent fictional products for each team to advertise.

Or, more commonly, you can create commercials for your own company.

Filming Commercials

Which Team Building Activity in Madrid will Make Your Corporate Event an Unforgettable Success?

You’ve just seen 15 of the most sought-after team building ideas for businesses in Madrid.

Yet, there's so much more we offer. Currently, Madrid Adventure has 24 diverse team building activities in Madrid which are all available for browsing on our website. Which one will elevate your corporate event to new heights?

Madrid Adventure has been at the forefront of organising corporate events in Madrid since 1999. Our expertise in the corporate team building sector is unmatched. We deeply understand the importance of your event aligning perfectly with your schedule and exceeding expectations in success.

Whether you need a full day of team building, a half-day, or just a brief and engaging excursion during a conference, we can create a custom package tailored just for you.

We invite you to get in touch with us to explore specific ideas or bespoke packages.

We can't wait to make your corporate event in Madrid the standout moment of the year!

Article posted January 2nd, 2024

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