GPS Outdoor escape game

The GPS outdoor escape game is designed for teams to complete challenges and puzzles to succeed in Madrid city centre.

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Outdoor escape game being played in Madrid.

The Madrid GPS Outdoor Escape Game is a thrilling fusion of exploration, problem-solving, and teamwork that takes place against the backdrop of this vibrant city's most iconic landmarks.

In this immersive experience, corporate clients are divided into teams, each equipped with an iPad and a customized game plan. Participants embark on a captivating journey through the historic streets of Madrid, where they must collaborate to decipher clues, complete challenges, and overcome obstacles. The objective is to be the first team to complete all the challenges, and make it to the finishing point.

The GPS Outdoor Escape Game encourages cooperation and fosters effective communication among team members. The challenges require individuals to leverage their unique strengths and work together to solve puzzles and accomplish tasks. Participants will explore Madrid's rich history and culture, visiting iconic landmarks such as the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, and Retiro Park. This not only makes for an exciting adventure but also offers a unique learning experience.

Customization: Madrid Adventure tailors the game to meet the specific goals and objectives of each corporate group. Whether it's strengthening team bonds, improving problem-solving skills, or simply having a blast, our game is adaptable to your needs.

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