Gastronomy Treasure Hunt

This treasure hunt team building activity in Madrid will help you explore the finest gastronomic experiences the Spanish capital has to offer.

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You cannot fail to delight your whole corporate team with a team building adventure shared over the finest tapas, food and wine in Madrid!

Are you looking for a treasure hunt-style team building activity in Madrid?

The Gastronomy Treasure Hunt is one of our longest-running team building events and a particular favourite – especially for our international corporate clients in Madrid for a short period of time.


There’s nothing like stumbling upon a hidden tapas bar, a traditional bakery or a charming cafe and tasting something you've never even heard of before. This is what the Gastronomy Treasure Hunt is all about.

But if there’s a highlight that can top must be the moment when the winning team is crowned “Gourmet Explores of Madrid”!


The adventure begins with your corporate team gathering at a picturesque location in Madrid's historic centre. Here, we divide them into groups and present each one with a personalised roadbook and a list of clues. Madrid Adventure will supply the facilitators, the treasure hunt itinerary and a briefing on the challenges and safety guidelines.

You’re now ready for an adventure!

Each group will embark on a culinary journey through Madrid, following clues that get you exploring its rich gastronomic heritage and uncovering hidden gems.

As you navigate the bustling streets, your colleagues will encounter a myriad of challenges that encourage communication, creativity, and problem-solving. Each clue leads to a new culinary treasure – a tapas bar, a bakery, a café or a bustling market. They will need to seek out specific items and dishes and need to communicate with locals if they are to succeed.

To ensure a competitive edge, each team must collect stamps from each food stop to earn points and advance.

Along the journey we supply additional challenges such as food trivia and cultural quizzes to keep everyone engaged. This makes the Gastronomy Treasure Hunt not just about indulging in exquisite Spanish cuisine but also learning about the Madrid’s history.

The Gastronomy Treasure Hunt will ask each member of your team to collaborate with one another if they are to finish first. This builds team spirit among colleagues – which is the most important result, and is especially important if your team members don’t always get to spend time with one another.

Finally, the gastronomic adventure culminates with a celebratory awards ceremony where the winning team is crowned the "Gourmet Explorers of Madrid."


The Gastronomy Treasure Hunt can be fully tailored to suit your schedule. 

Whether you’d like to fit this treasure hunt into a busy timetable of corporate events, as a one-off or whether you’d like us to expand your package to include further team building activities in Madrid, we can arrange it.

Madrid Adventure is one of the leading corporate event management companies in Madrid because of this reason: we’re a small team who can tailor make everything to your needs, location in the city and precise timings.

We are also a DCM and can help you organise transport for your corporate guests, accommodation and a complete package include food and further events.

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