GPS Treasure Hunt

The GPS treasure hunt is the perfect team building activity in Madrid to keep your corporate team motivated while in the capital.

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You never knew how competitive your colleagues could be until they’re armed with cutting-edge GPS technology and racing through Madrid! 

Looking for a team building activity in Madrid?

The GPS Treasure Hunt is fast becoming a client favourite for building camaraderie, collaboration and teamwork while in Madrid.


You can’t beat a GPS treasure hunt that place within Madrid’s historical landmarks, quaint neighbourhoods and bustling plazas. But the most memorable moment for our clients is always the prize ceremony at the end when the winning team gets to show off their strategic, navigational and problem-solving prowess!


The activities begin with your team gathering in the bustling streets of central Madrid. Our facilitators will split you into groups and equip each one with an iPad while briefing you on the challenges, rules and necessary safety guidelines. 

You’re now ready to begin.

Each group will be guided by GPS hints on their iPads to unravel the mysteries hidden within Madrid. Along the way they will need to decipher clues and complete challenges while racing against the clock.

The Madrid GPS Treasure Hunt is an excellent platform for team members to bond, collaborate and learn more about their colleagues outside the office environment. 

Your colleagues will discover a competitive spirit they never knew in one another. Each one will be called up on to reveal their hidden strengths in quick-thinking, delegating responsibilities and navigating unfamiliar territory.

Our facilities will remain on-hand throughout in case anybody gets lost or stuck.


The GPS Treasure Hunt can be adapted to fully accommodate your requirements.

It can be customised to suit different groups sizes, locations and specific goals. For example we can tailor the challenges or the route itself to promote a core company value or theme. This makes it suitable for a range of corporate clients from small start-ups to large multinational organisations. 

Whether you wish to fit the Madrid Treasure Hunt in alongside your existing corporate events schedule, or you're looking for a one-off, everything can be arranged. 

During our almost 25 years of experience we have have organised team building activities in Madrid for some of the biggest names in international business. You can rest assured that this experience will be a lasting success. As a DMC, we can also arrange bespoke package for your corporate group including further team building activities, food and corporate travel arrangements.

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