Money Heist

This escape room style teambuilding activity will transport your corporate team into the thrilling world of the #1 hit Netflix series Money Heist.

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Will your corporate team have what it takes to join El Professor’s ranks?

Are you looking for an escape room style team building activity in Madrid?

Our Money Heist Escape Game will take your corporate team on an immerse and exhilarating adventure right in the heart of Madrid.


Each of your team members will take part in 5 interactive challenges where they’ll be tested on their skills in counterfeiting, breaking codes and escaping the national police – yes, they’re on your tail!


The Money Heist Escape Game begins with a mysterious invitation from one of El Profesor’s assistants. Madrid Adventure will supply these facilitators for you and ensure a comprehension briefing with safety guidelines, rules and instructions. Your corporate team will then be split into groups and each one given a name (the name of a city in keeping with the Money Heist theme).

Each group will get an iPad and will use it later to locate challenges, solve cryptic clues, uncover hidden treasures and orchestrate a simulated heist.

From deciphering coded messages to navigating secret passages and cracking safes, every challenge is designed to foster teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

But it gets better…

Because this team building activity in Madrid takes place through the enchanting streets of the capital. Hence, your team will also experience the rich culture and history of Madrid through the interactive team building activities we provide along the way!

At the conclusion of the adventure, your team's efforts will be rewarded with a thrilling finale and a sense of accomplishment that only a successful heist can bring. This adrenaline-fuelled adventure is the ideal way to strengthen bonds, improve communication, and enhance leadership within your corporate team.


We personalise all of our corporate events and team building activities in Madrid to your needs and specifications.

We can tailor-make the Money Heist Escape Game to your requests, location and timings.

Whether you are looking to book this activity for your own team or to entertain your corporate clients Madrid Adventure will help organise an experience that your team will talk about for years to come.

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