Madrid Treasure Hunt

This team building treasure hunt activity in Madrid is a thrilling way to see the sights and discover the city’s hidden secrets.

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Treasure hunt team building in Madrid.

Get under the skin of Madrid with this thrilling adventure through the city’s landmarks, historic neighbourhoods and hidden gems.

Looking for a team building activity in Madrid?

The Madrid Treasure Hunt is our most popular activity for local and international businesses celebrating a team success, entertaining corporate clients or recharging batteries during a packed corporate events schedule.


Your team will engage with the most emblematic sights in Madrid from the Royal Palace to the charming streets of the historic centre.


This interactive treasure hunt in Madrid is more than just a team-building exercise; it's an opportunity to immerse your team in the rich history, culture, and charm of Spain's capital city. 

Your team will be divided into groups, in order to build bonds between members who don’t always get to work closely with one another. Your can choose who goes into what group – or have us organise everything on your behalf.

You’ll get professional guides to welcome you, brief you on the treasure hunt rules and set safety guidelines. Each team will receive a roadbook, a map, a camera and the spark of adventure to set them off on a thrilling journey through Madrid city centre. 

Along the way they’ll encounter monuments, famous buildings, historic sites and hidden surprises.

But it won’t be easy. Each member will be called upon to solve time-sensitive challenges if they are to reach the finish line first.

Finally, prizes will be awarded to the winning group!


This team building activity in Madrid is custom designed to suit your needs.

Whether you wish to fit the Madrid Treasure Hunt in alongside your existing corporate events schedule, or whether you want a one-off, everything can be arranged. 

With nearly 25 years’ experience running team building activities in Madrid you can rest assured that this experience will be a lasting success. Madrid Adventure can also arrange bespoke package for your corporate group including further team building activities, fine food and corporate travel arrangements.

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