Bubble Football

Bubble football is a great team activity that can be incorporated into many teambuilding events. The game requires strategy and skill to avoid being bumped over to score goals.

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Crash! Bang! Wallop! What a great game!

Bubble football is a new activity that offers both larger and smaller groups a chance to compete against each other in a fun way. Bubble football can also easily incorporated into a multi- activity day such as the Olympic Games.

This activity provides a unique and fun-filled take on the normal perception of football. Similar to your normal football match, teams will face each other in a battle to score the most goals in order to emerge victorious. However, in our version each player will be enclosed in their very own bubble.

Teamwork and strategy will be more important than natural footballing ability, with movement slightly more difficult. Numerous interesting and funny confrontations will arise as players bump into one another in attempt to knock each other over, with players safe from injury inside their protective bubble which absorbs the impact ensuring they go unnoticed.

This activity offers a completely new way to play one of the most popular games in the world, providing companies or groups a great deal of entertainment and endless laughs, as well as an ideal opportunity to unwind and enjoy after a meeting or conference.

In addition to bubble football we can also offer a number of alternative games, such as bubble bulldog, bubble races/relays, bubble challenges and even bubble sumo. All sure to provide plenty of enjoyment. Bubble games can also be incorporated as part of an extended event such as a multi-activity day or the Madrid Olympics.

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What they say

Just a short note to say thank you for your help with organising the ‘bubble football’. The team thought it was great fun and really enjoyed it.Certainly a change from the ‘cooking’ last year!

Deborah Smith Amcor Europe, November 2018

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