GPS Treasure Hunt

A novel Teambuilding activity with tablets. A way to explore Madrid while completing challenges with our innovate GPS Treasure Hunt activity.

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Discover Madrid in a fun and orginal way

Take the traditional concept of a treasure hunt into the 21st Century with this fully interactive challenge, which will take you all around the bustling city of Madrid.

Test your navigation skills as you use our specialised GPS App that we have installed on our iPads to maneuveur your way around Madrid, in an attempt to find the various ‘hotspots’ that have been pre-determined by our experienced guides.

Teams will compete against each other to gain the most amount of points possible. To do so, teams will be required to crack various clues and complete a variety of challenges once your team has determined these aformentioned ‘hotspots’ the GPS will activate the location allowing the various challenges to be attempted.

Once the challenge commences teams will be competing ‘live’ against each other, enabling teams to track one another and view a live scoreboard to check the standings, and see where they are on the leaderboard. Exciting time based challenges and negative points for wrong answers will add a little extra to this competitive activity.

This is one of our more innovative activities and is ideally suited to groups who want to take part in a unique and exciting activity, whilst still having the opportunity to visit all the interesting and world famous locations that the capital of Spain has to offer. In addition, this activity can be focused on specific regions of the city as requested by your company or group.

To add something else to the occassion the treasure hunts can also be arranged with a specific theme such as The Olympic Challenge, The Apprentice, Code Breaker or Casino Royale.

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What they say

Thank you. It was a wonderful activity…. The winners loved the prize

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