Drum Workshop

If you need an activity to empower your team with a methodology that demands concentration, teamwork, communication, creativity and leadership then this is ideal.

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Rhythm is the objective

Hone your musical talents as your group come together to move to the beat of the drum, as our drumming experts guide you through an electric drum workshop.

Through the combination of both classical and modern techniques, and international rhythms, participants will enjoy engagement with their fellow group members through the unifying power of music. Communication, teamwork and creativity will be key to maintain a fluid and exciting rhythm.

This activity is extremely flexible and can be especially catered towards the need of any group, with special emphasis on the ability to be unique and innovative to suit any clients desires. In addition, we can work with groups of almost any size.

We also offer the opportunity for you group to invite an African music expert to lead a detailed and interesting talk about the history and traditions which characterize this unique brand of music.

This activity is perfectly suited for groups who wish to develop leadership, promote teamwork, build morale or even for those who wish to reward a dedicated and committed workforce with an exciting and unique experience.

What they say

Many thanks for your help. The event was a big success and we will be sure to contact you again in the future.

Doug Dvorak Doug Dvorak CPS, December 2017

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