Flamenco Workshop

Experience a taste of Spain through our traditional Flamenco workshop where the group learns the basic hand and feet movements in a fun atmosphere.

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Get a flavour of real Spanish culture and tradition through taking part in a Flamenco dance workshop.

Learn the basics of Flamenco in our expert led classes in Madrid, lasting 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Flamenco is a typical form of art that is thought to have emerged from Southern Spain in the 18th century and involves dancing, guitar playing and hand clapping.

In this course our experts will welcome you to the Flamenco tradition of Madrid, guiding you through a bit of the history of this form of dance, before orchestrating a simple choreographically ensemble for your group to perform.

Alternatively, your group could have a session learning the intricacies of the hand clapping element of Flamenco- or palmas as it is known as in Spain. This forms a fundamental part of the rhythm and tempo of Flamenco, and as such different rhythms can be learnt for the varying musical accompaniment.

Overall this will provide a interesting and new way to practice working as a team, as synergy is vital for the production of a free-flowing and effective routine.

This activity can also be performed at your hotel or restaurant, thus providing ideal pre or post meal entertainment. We can also take the Flamenco workshop to your hotel or restaurant, where is makes an excellent pre-dinner activity.

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