Filming Commercials

A great team activity making a commercial selling your company, using the ingenuity, planning and creativity of the team members to get the target mission across.

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Lights Camera Action!

What a great way to promote your company message with a custom commercial production with Madrid as a backdrop.

This activity is one of our most popular as it incorporates many skills with which the team will have to juggle in order to create an original and fun commercial. The objective is to create a commercial promoting the company or a certain product within the company in an innovative and creative way using parts of Madrid City as a backdrop.

The groups have to write the screenplay, perform as actors and also direct the commercial. Each team are assigned a professional cameraman who will guide and provide advice on making the commercial. They can recommend locations, search for sound effects, and suggest directing angles.

After editing, the commercial is normally about a minute long and can be shown during a meeting, at your hotel or at an evening gala for entertainment where it is judged before the winning team are announced and the prize is given.

Each team will be given a copy of the advertisement to take back with them as a memento of this truly fun activity that brings out the creativity, strategy and imagination in the team.

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What they say

What I can say? It was amazing fun! It was really a fun activity with a very fun result – movies, ah, we were laughing…! It was a success. Thanks a lot to you and your team! Very well done!

Tatiana Jacobs Leaseplan, September 2016

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